Academic Programs

As a student in Geology you will be an important part of a tight knit department that prides itself on small class sizes with personalized instruction. The program has a strong focus on field geology, and students in Geology will take many multi-day field trips to locations all over the western US. These trips often include hiking, camping, and exploring our beautiful surroundings. Finally, there is ample opportunity for individual collaborative research with a faculty member.

Geology majors have proven to be successful in both pursuing careers in professional fields as well as acceptance into prestigious graduate programs around the country. Head over to the Alumni Community to check out what our past graduates are up to.

There are two Majors and two Minors available from the Geology Department. The Majors include: BS in Geology and BA in Earth Science. The Minors include: Minor in Geology and Minor in Paleontology. Additionally, we offer a Teacher Credential program. Please explore the following links for more details on each program.