Martha Murphy


Martha Murphy
Darwin 14

M.S. Geology (Sedimentology), San Jose State University; B.S. Biology (Ecology), The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington

Academic Interests

Climate change, natural disasters, soils sustainability, and the future of food


I am passionate about the Earth and nature, as are (I believe) all geologists. My areas of interest include educating others about natural hazards,  climate change and living more sustainably. I also love teaching my students about the world around them. Look around - nature is all around you! 


Having moved from the flatlands of Ohio to the west coast to go to college, I discovered geology in beautiful Washington State. After graduate school I spent many years as an environmental consultant, cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater. Aside from teaching, I now volunteer with a senior citizens' group and I am a member of the Petaluma Basin advisory committee of the Sonoma County Sustainable Groundwater Management Agency.