Robin Glas

Assistant Professor

Robin sitting in front of lake
Darwin 125

2018                Ph.D. Earth Sciences, Syracuse University

2008                M.S. Education, University of Southern Maine

2002                B.S. Geology, University of Maine

Academic Interests

I am a physical hydrologist with a background in geology.  I am primarily interested in how water moves through the subsurface, and how it emerges to interact with streams and river channels.  My work also explores changes to natural hydrologic systems due to human influence, including changes to land cover, land use, and climate change.  I use geophysical methods such as resistivity, seismics, and radar to investigate the properties of shallow subsurface water, and the soil and sediment structure that facilitates groundwater flow.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Glas, R., Lautz, L., McKenzie, J., Mark, B., Baraer, M., Chavez, D., & Maharaj, L. (2018). A review of the current state of knowledge of proglacial hydrogeology in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, e1299.

Glas, R., Burns, D., Lautz, L. Historical changes in New York State streamflow:  attribution of temporal shifts and spatial patterns from 1961-2016. Journal of Hydrology, in review.

Glas, R., Lautz, L., McKenzie, J.,  Moucha, R.,  Lane, J.,  Chavez, D.,  Mark, B.  Hydrogeology of an alpine talus aquifer:  Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Hydrogeology Journal, in review.

Lautz, L., McCay, D., Driscoll, C., Glas, R., Gutchess, K., Millard, G., Johnson, A. Designing student-centered STEM graduate programs for a multitude of career pathways. Eos, in press.

Somers, L., Gordon, R., McKenzie, J., Lautz, L., Wigmore, O., Glose, A., Glas, R., Aubry-Wake, C., Mark, B., Baraer, M., Condom, T. (2016). Quantifying groundwater- surface water interactions in a proglacial valley, Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Hydrological Processes, 2929 (June), 2915–2929